12 Days Of Anime: 6 Recommended Anibloggers

The WMC Crew [Josh Dunham, Jimmy, The Subtle Doctor, CJ, etc] [ENGLISH]: These guys are one of the best anibloggers out there, with clearly a lot of knowledge and passion from anime, they create some of the best write-ups that i’ve had the joy of read, really recommended if you want to take a deeper look into Japanese Animation. [https://wavemotioncannon.com/]

Mr. Flawfinder [ENGLISH]: The most cynical aniblogger that i’ve seen, his post make me laugh, make me think, always giving poignant, very personal opinion, that you may or not agree with, but they are still awesome to read. [https://standingonmyneck.com/]

Shelly [SPANISH]: This was a rough year for you, but you’re still creating awesome content, i was very sad when you closed your blog, it was one of the most interesting ones that i’ve ever read. [https://yourfavaniswrongasiexpected.wordpress.com/]

Washi [ENGLISH]: If you want a sakuga-view to the things, Washi is your ally, awesome and interesting articles, i’m trying to copy a little of your style recently, that’s how much it inspired me! [https://washiblog.files.wordpress.com/]

ShoShikibu [SPANISH]: I’m in love with you writing, you always do interesting write-ups that are a lot of fun to read, keep doing them! [http://sinordeniconcierto.wordpress.com/]

Ashita [SPANISH]: Another one that was hitted by a rough year [on blogging, at least], even if you aren’t a blogger anymore, you were a excellent source of spanish sakuga information while you were still active, it inspired me a lot. [https://sobreanimadoresysakuga.wordpress.com/]



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