Animator Spotlight – Tokuyuki Matsutake


Tokuyuki Matsutake


Basic Information:

Date of Birth: 29/07/1967 [49 years]
Japanese Name: 松竹 徳幸
Debut: Oishinbo – In-Betweener Animation [1988]

Studios That He Worked For [Contracted]:
Studio DEEN [1988-1992]
Bee Train [1999-2003]
Studio 3hz [2014-2015]
Studio Silver [2015-]

Major Roles:
Medarot [1999-2001]: Character Designer [Bee Train]
Tales of Phantasia [2004-2006]: Character Designer [Actas]
Project Blue Chikyuu SOS [2006]: Character Designer [A.C.G.T]
Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike [2009]: Character Designer [Production I.G]
Mass Effect: Paragon Lost [2012]: Character Designer [Production I.G]
Dimension W [2016]: Character Designer [Studio 3hz]

-He started working out on Oishinbo, a long-running series about cooking made by Studio DEEN and Shin-Ei Animation between 1988 and 1992, as inbetweener animator, on 1988.
-Then, he started on Studio DEEN, under Atsuko Nakajima, his learning of the basics of the animation, along with another Atsuko Nakajima’s protegeé Hirofumi Suzuki, when they ascended to key animators, they always were credited together, and their cuts looked far better than almost every animator on the series, with a big manage of timing and a clear sense of movement, with realistic drawings, Tokuyuki Matsutake’s with a timing more similar of stop-motion than traditional japanese animation and Hirofumi Suzuki with a more puppet-like movements and timing.
-He became big friends with Hirofumi Suzuki, Atsuko Nakajima, Kazuhiro Furuhashi and Norio Matsumoto after the end of Ranma 1/2, appearing together numerous occasions, whenever the other worked.
-Matsutake’s contact list become amplified thanks to Kazuhiro Furuhashi and Norio Matsumoto, that presented him to the likes of Kazuto Nakazawa, Kanta Kamei, Yasuomi Umetsu and Kou Yoshinari, that are constantly collaborating and learning one of the others, creating a strong bond that it stills alive more than 20 years after they started.
-He’s a BIG friend of Kou Yoshinari, at the point that they even moved to the same small subcontractor studio, Studio Silver, at the same time, working together on cuts like on Gi [a] rlish Number, where Tokuyuki Matsutake did KA and Kou Yoshinari did 2nd KA.
-He’s known between Tales of Series fans for being the animation character designer of various games of the franchise, and doing the cutscenes of them.
-Matsutake is immensely prolific, if you collect all the work he has did on his 28 years of career, you would be stuck with over 10 hours of footage, participating on more than 100 series on his extensive career, never going down on quality, maintaining a perfect register of good animation.
-As various animators of his generation, he’s slowly turning out into a director, in his case, as with Yasuomi Umetsu and Masashi Ishihama, he’s becoming on a professional opening maker, after the first invitation of his friend Hirofumi Suzuki to handle the third opening of Naruto, where he was character designer, being the responsible of the OP14 and EDs 16 & 35 of Naruto Shippuuden, OPs 3 & 9 of Naruto, OP2 of Robotic;Notes, the ED of Joker Game and the OP of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.
-As director, his most characteristic trait is the handheld camera-like recorded footage, more exactly, of a 35mm handheld camera, along with his use of colors and fascination by putting cohesively the credits on the OPs on a sumi-e like sequence.
-Finally, he’s now on the small subcontractor studio Studio Silver, where there’s his longtime friend Kou Yoshinari.



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