Countdown: Top Ten Best Openings of the Year

°10 Haikyuu!! 3 Opening

Yeah, this opening is just kickass, Shingo Natsume’s bombastic and over-the-top direction works really well, getting you pumped out in record-time, with a awesome, very kickass song by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and a really awesome animation to finish the things out, is a very good opening.

9° JoJo: Diamond is Unbreakable Opening One

Very fun, catchy opening, that makes me want to dance every time i listen to, that capture the time that the anime is ambiented perfectly, with very fun, intelligent editing, direction and photography over a very catchy tune, easily the catchiest of all the year.

8° 3-Gatsu no Lion

This opening, directed by talented young animator Naoyuki Asano, features some incredible breath-taking visuals, on a very experimental visual style, that explores anxiety, loneliness, depression, sadness, with that feeling of wanting to move forward, but being pushed back by yourself, and works really well with the melody of the excellent band Bump of Chicken, that gets perfectly the feeling of the series on a really good way.

7° – Yuri on Ice:

The opening, solo key animated by korean animator Seong-Ho Park is a very hyping and pumping out piece, even if it was changed constantly with new photography until the very end of the series, the simple, but wonderful animation carries the opening, with some of the best character animation that i’ve ever seen this year, the song has a very grandiosque-feeling that work really well, the voice of Dean Fujioka work perfectly with the over-the-top animation, and gets you instantaneously pumped out.

6° 91 Days

Directed by Masahiko Murata, the opening presents a collection of scenes of the series, perfectly collected to present the story of the series, with a oppressing and bombastic feeling to it, with the anxiety, desires of vengeance and psychological scenes of the main character being greatly expressed by a excellent work of photography, a tight editing and a awesome direction, finishing on a awesome, bombastic climax that introduce you to the series. The music, by Ling Tosite Sigure, is as bombastic as the visuals themselves and takes them to a new level with TK’s tight and bombastic, but still low-key production and awesome vocals.

5° Dimension W

This is basically the most pumping out opening of the year, is just freakin’ awesome, this opening punches you so hard, it makes me wanna go out and go to fuckin’ explode some vehicles, awesome animation, awesome direction and that SONG!!, a very EDM powerful song by R.O.N that gets every cell of your body pumped out, really good opening, but still is nothing more than a hyping opening…

4° Orange

This opening is a celebration of youth, really beautiful, it makes me remind simple times, where we run with a ball of paper over the beautiful fields of Uruguay with my friends when i was younger, and it gets me very nostalgic every time, this is the celebration of innocent happiness and youth, really well directed, the character animation on this is awesome and the song captures that youthfoul, nostalgic feeling like nothing else this year.

3° Kiznaiver

[Didn’t found a proper video of this one, tho]

This opening is just awesome, the craziest visuals to be ever featured on a opening this year hands down, it works perfectly on present the characters and all their threats, with an awesome tune by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, the very last that they ever did, by the way, its a very wonderful, and magical opening, that gets you in the mood of the anime everytime.

2° Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

The most bombastic and wonderful opening of the year, presenting the story on a wonderful way, being a masterful class of direction and photography, that makes you get into the internal conflicts of the protagonist and the mystery of the series instantly, the tune by Asian Kungfu Generation is just awesome, best anisong of the year hands down, just wonderful.

1° Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Yeah, there’s something even better than BokuDake opening this year, and is this opening, by the genius himself, Tokuyuki Matsutake, wonderfully directed, awesomely creative and with a wonderful meaning, the most creative and visually playful opening of the year, even being very low-key, this opening is awesomely interesting both visually and musically, the composition of the melody is awesome and the direction and the visuals are hands down the best of the year, just, applauses.



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