Let’s Talk About Openings!: Naruto Shippuden Opening 15

I’m going to go by another take this time, not for a excellent opening, but for an awful one, an show what a bad presentation is.

The Team Behind It

The team is very small, in fact, there isn’t a team to speak of, this opening is a full solo one by Animator Hirofumi Suzuki [鈴木博文], apprentice of legendary animator Atsuko Nakajima and Characer Designer of the show.

This is his very first experience with the director chair, trying to follow the steps of his mates Tokuyuki Matsutake, Toshiyuki Tsuru, Yasuomi Umetsu and Masashi Ishihama, that had successfully made a name by themselves as professional opening directors, let’s see how he goes.

The Opening:

We start with one of most essential, and cliched things of anime openings: Split screen.
This time is a specially awful one, the split screen effect of a black ray looks like a shitty-old Photoshop effect made on a Windows 95, and the colors are pretty bland, the drawings have nothing of special and the idea itself it’s pretty boring, just showing the good and the bad, on one of the most boring and cliche ways possible.

Then we pass to Sakura walking through the battlefield, and, oh, god, the timing is so fucked up, the movements are so robotic and so unnatural, now Sakura is a android?, i’ve seen mecha moving more natural-looking than this, also, you can’t almost tell if is Sakura or not, is drawn exactly the same as everyone else, the only thing that differs her with the other characters showed on this OP are the hair and pretty much, nothing else.

The next is a pretty decent one, and a very subtle way of spoiling Neji’s Death without spoiling too much of next events to the audience, one of the few decent things on the OP, then, a series of very bland drawings of Naruto holding Hinata’s hand and the Ninja alliance, pretty mediocre.

The shitty split screen effects transport you to the next scene, and, oh, my god, this one of the worst rotating camera that i’ve ever seen, is just so confusing, there’s no perspective whatsoever to speak of, and the characters just move around confusedly on the screen without direction, the timing is just off, you don’t feel any dynamic and you don’t feel the force and the impact of the fight at all, on top that, it seem like the characters are fighting with a lot of cubes of cement around, that look…weird, and you can’t even tell if they’re hitting each other or not, or where they are moving, or their attacks, cause the rotating camera is awful and it just moves around confusingly without direction, just compare that to the representation of the same fight by Kengo Matsumoto and Hiroyuki Yamashita on the ED29, is fast, is dynamic, is punching, and there’s no shitty rotating camera on your way killing your eyes with shitty perspective!, there’s a rotating camera with an actual perspective that don’t confuse you anytime on that Ending!, instead of this shitty, failed try of fight with rotating camera, and also, the song of that ending has energy, has punch, this a slow alt-rock track by DOES, that doesn’t fit at all with the visuals.

The next cut is presented back that shitty split screen effect with a very shitty Madara vs Hashirama fight, that again, there’s no impact or punch whatsoever, the timing is too off and it just looks sloppy, doesn’t help a lot that it looks drawn with the ass, the actual fighting on the actual anime, supervised by Seiko Asai looked a lot better!

The split screen disappear and oh, god, there’s shitty drawing after shitty drawing, with shitty photoshop effects thrown all around, feeling incredibly bland, cheap and sloppy, there’s barely any animation to speak of and the drawings just look rushed and half-assed, on one of the worst tries to do a decent climax on a opening that i’ve ever seen, is a sloppy, bland, bad-drawn mess, with shitty photoshop effects thrown all around, this looks so cheap and uninspired.

The final cut is also awful, the timing is just off, there’s no impact to this final shot, and the characters are incredibly bad-drawn and off-model, is another bland and impactless shitty shot to end this awful opening, that’s just a mediocre attempt to do a exciting opening, that fails terrible on its execution.

That final shot is dope, too, but it looks, like everything on this opening, made on a very old version of Photoshop on a Windows 95 for say at least, just bland and cheap as it can be.


This opening is terribly executed, amateur-ish, bland, sloppy, uninspired and cheap mess, it just looks awful all around, and is a very mediocre beginning for the directorial career of Hirofumi Suzuki, if there’s any to speak of after this shit.

If i’m going to give it a qualification it would be…0 of 5 Masashi Ishihama’s.



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