Countdown: Top Ten Best Endings of the Year

10° – Joker Game


Storyboard/Director: Tokuyuki Matsutake
AD: Atsuko Nakajima
KA: Atsuko Nakajima & Tokuyuki Matsutake

This ending is….functional at best, but what makes it worth is the stylish direction of Tokuyuki Matsutake, let’s say, the color design here is amazing, even if everything else is pretty generic.

9° – Boku no Hero Academia


Storyboard: Masayuki Sakoi & Kenji Nagasaki
Director: Tsuyoshi Tobita
AD: Yoshiko Umakoshi
KA: Koji Sugiura

I can’t say a lot here, it just makes me really pumped out and excited every time i see it.

8° JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable


Storyboard/Director: Yasufumi Soejima
AD: Terumi Nishii
KA: Youko Uchida & Marie Ino

The color design, editing and photography here is wonderful, it’s very style over substance, too, but it fits with the series, giving a very JoJo feeling and THAT TUNE…catchiest tune used on a opening or ending this year so far, it makes me sing along every time, really good job!

7° Bungou Stray Dogs ED1


Storyboard/Director/AD: Yasuomi Umetsu
KA: Yasuomi Umetsu, Kohei Tokuoka, Hidenori Fukouka & Ayumi Abe

Another ending that is far more style than substance, but, goddamn, that’s some incredible style!, this ending has one of the best sense of aesthetic of the entire year, by none other than the master himself Yasuomi Umetsu, is a wonderful piece of aesthetic and style that hits you hard, that presents on a really good way the relations of the characters, with a nice song by the pop rock band Luck Life.

6° Fune wo Amu


Storyboard/Director: Shinsaku Sasaki
AD/KA: Shin Matsunaga

This is the simpler ending on the list, but, god, that is beautiful, just a very calm and warm ending, with a beautiful song and beautiful animation, that relax you on a very effective way, pretty good.

5° Battery


Storyboard/Director: Ryousuke Nakamura
AD/KA: Mieko Hosoi

By the always working tag team of Ryousuke Nakamura and Mieko Hosoi, this ending is calm, kind and warm, that gives you a beautiful feeling with that beautiful drawn images and pastel colors, it’s just too warm and kind, with a happy, nice song by Anderlust that hits me hard everytime that i listen to and draws a smile on my face.

4° 3- Gatsu no Lion


Storyboard/Director: Ryousuke Nakamura
AD: Takumi Yokota
KA: Takeshi Ninomiya, Hiroshi Hamasaki, Akito Asai, Yumi Shimizu, Shigeru Fujita & Sawako Miyamoto

This ending, pretty unlike the opening of the series, presents a wonderful message of hope for a better future, Ryousuke Nakamura’s direction makes perfectly for that, despite all the problems that the protagonist has to encounter, there’s always light and hope at the end of the rainbow, even with his past and his depression, the protagonist still has something to fight for, something to keep living each day, it’s a wonderful message delivered on a pretty simple way. The music theme, by BUMP OF CHICKEN, do emphasis on this, presenting a story of somebody that lost everything, but there’s something that always remained it for him: Love and Hope.

3° Naruto Shippuuden ED38


Storyboard/Director/AD: Naoki Kobayashi
KA: Naoki Kobayashi, Chengxi Huang, Toshiro Fujii, Tatsuya Koyanagi, Shintetsu Takiyama, Seiko Asai, Hirofumi Suzuki, Hiroyuki Yamashita, Genichiro Kouno, Masayuki Kouda, Retsu Ohkawara, Ichiro Uno & Eri Taguchi

This is another opening with a message of hope, happiness and peace, giving all of them their wishes of a better world to the protagonist, hoping that he, someday, will achieve the peace on a world destroyed by the war and the differences of ideologies between the humanity, while he’s trying to achieve peace with himself and with his lost friend that have grown together and now they want to find a riddle to the peace, and this, along with the wonderful visuals of the ending, directed by Naoki Kobayashi, makes up a wonderful piece.

2° Mob Psycho 100


Storyboard/Director/AD/KA: Miyo Sato

The work here IS INCREDIBLE, Miyo Sato’s work taken to a extreme, one and half minute of incredible craftsmanship, you can feel that the animator took MONTHS of her time to do all this incredible background and character animation on paint-on-glass animation, just breathtaking visuals, that do a awesome work of presenting the character of Reigen and a perfect understanding of his personality, with a pretty impressive amount of effort and detail put on this, just wonderful.

1° Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi


Storyboard/Director/AD/KA: Masashi Ishihama





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