Analyzing A Scene – Eri Taguchi’s scene on Naruto Shippuuden #477

The Team Behind It

The storyboarder is Naruto’s legendary animator Hiroyuki Yamashita [ 山下 宏幸], that also is the Director and the Animation Director, i’ve already made a post about him previously. The only key animator is a young key animator that was ascended just the last year to key animation called Eri Taguchi [田口愛梨], and by the way, presumably this scene use a technique called Rotoscope, that is used to animate over real-life footage, given a extra realism to the animation.

The Scene

The scene is masterful on show the feeling of Exhaustion.

The characters are tired, they have fighted during various consecutive days, a lot of changes have passed during that days, they didn’t even know anymore why they’re fighting, they have shrinked all their energy, they don’t have slept on days and they are to tired to continue fighting.

The characters falls on the ground by the weight of their own body, try constantly of infructuously get up and keep fighting, their punches and general movements are slow and dreadful, the delicate and realistic motion enhances that, they feel like two real people tired and on despair fighting, that’s why it impacts so hard, these are two people that can’t fight anymore, they’re tired, they’ve lose everything, there’s no reason to keep fighting anymore.

They are fighting without a reason, they can’t even keep stand anymore, they fall and miss attacks constantly, while the camera slowly starts to zoom up on a very slow, dreadful way, giving a even closer look to their devastness, tiredness and despair, they don’t want to keep fighting, they can’t keep fighting, but they seem obligated to keep fighting until there’s a decisive winner.

Finally, the camera end of zoom up, and we see two tired, hurt and dreadful men, punching themselves without energy or force anymore, as Naruto finally let his bandana fall, representing that they aren’t ninja anymore, they are just two people punching between them without motivation, or a reason, too tired to even keep fighting.

The color and lighting also works for that, the colors are cold, heavy and dreadful, even the coloring has lost his energy, compared with the light colors of before this scene, and the lighting is dark, with little of saturation, not as brilliant as before, now even the lighting is weak, everything on the ambient and the animation transmits the feeling of devastness and tiredness of everything, is a punching and devastating scene.


A wonderfully set scene to demostrate the exhaustion and lack of desire of keep fighthing of the characters, from the animation, colors, photography, everything, unforgettable and generally impressive.

If i have to rate it, is going to be 5 of 5 Osamu Dezakis.



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