Studio Spotlight: Anime R

Anime R [アニメアール]

-Located on Osaka, the studio was established in the late 1970s by veteran animator Moriyasu Taniguchi.
-They have a “brother” studio called Studio Mu, that’s most centered on character animation, while Anime R is majoritarily centered on mechanical animation.
-The founders members were animators Moriyasu Taniguchi and Hiromi Muranaka, the later one leaving to fund hir own studio, Studio Mu, most centered on character animation, the speciality of his section of Anime R.
-The studio received a lot of graduates from the Osaka University of Design, such as Fumiko Kishi and Kazuaki Mouri.
-Anime R gained certain reputation and popularity as a high quality outsourced studio, participating on Ryousuke Takahashi’s real robot works such as Votoms or Layzner, as well as Tsuchida Pro’s works like “Sasuga no Sarutobi”
-They trained a lot of now great animators, such as Pro I.G aces Kazuchika Kise and Hiroyuki Okiura, that started them road on the industry here, and later moved to Tatsunoko I.G, a subsidiary of Tatsunoko Production founded by Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and Takayuki Goto, that later will become Production I.G, a powerhouse of realistic, high-quality anime since then, being Kazuchika Kise the one in charge of Studio 2.
-They specialized on realistic, detailed, intricate mecha action, with incredibly detailed mechas and effects created by the hands of individuals such as Toru Yoshida and Hiroyuki Okiura.
-Another big chunk has left for Bones and Sunrise, studios where Anime R usually did subcontracted work, like Asako Nishida, trained by Sawako Yamamoto, Takahiro Kimura and Hiroshi Osaka, two of the founders of Bones, and the talented mecha animators Fumiaki Kouta and Seiichi Nakatani.
-They have a individualistic culture, most centered on creating talented, unique animators that on creating a simple, nonsensical studio trademark, being this approach decreasing the most recent years, with less and less talented animators and more “functional” ones entering usually the studio now.
-Since the 90s, the studio have been decreasing quality, being now heavily concentrated on make simply functional animation and on-model drawings, they keep being solicited cause the crazy drawing speed of individuals of the studio such as Takenori Tsukuma, Yuuichi Nakazawa and Toru Yoshida, that can produce a incredibly amount of Gengas per episode, while being busy on other projects, thanks to their hard training on the studio.
-A lot of the studio’s most talented animators had eventually left, keeping the most functional, speedy ones, again, more concentrated on doing on-model drawings at a fast pace that doing good animation at a not so fast pace now, various of their animators left the industry, other migrated to the brother studio Studio Mu, others left for major studios like Production I.G and Bones, etcetera.
-The studio has been constantly concentrated on subcontractor work, they haven’t produced a full production, mainly because lack of personal to do these things, they are just a small, subcontract studio.
Destacable animators that are still affiliated with the studio:
Moriyasu Taniguchi, Masahiro Kase, Takenori Tsukuma, Yuuichi Nakazawa, Naoko Nakamoto, Toru Yoshida, Koichi Takai, Hiroyuki Terada, etc
Destacable animators that passed for the studio at some point:
Kazuaki Mouri, Masahiko Itojima, Hiroshi Osaka, Hiroyuki Okiura, Shuzilow. HA, Takahiro Komori, Masahide Yanagisawa, Takahiro Kimura, Sadatoshi Matsuzaka, Hiromi Muranaka, Sawako Yamamoto, Kazuchika Kise, Asako Nishida, Seiichi Nakatani, Toshiyuki Kono, Takeshi Morita, Fumiaki Kouta, Hiroki Harada, etc