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I’m starting to rewatch Sakamichi no Apollon, it has a incredible amount of detail on every shot, that makes it good to watch just to see how many jazz references i can caught, without going on more, there’s a scene with the characters on the disc store where you can see a good amount of Miles Davis discs released until 1959 [time where the series is ambiented in] behind the characters, on incredibly photorealistic covers, recreated perfectly from the original discs for the background staff.


Other cool details are that the grand piano of the protagonist is of exactly  the same number of keys as a real grand piano and is a Yamaha grand piano, as we can see, with the logo that they used on that times, and i think that even a nerd of specific Yamaha grand pianos can even guess which model is, i think that is a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano of the late 50s, which, again, fits perfectly with the time that is ambiented the series.


Also, they present another photorealistic cover of a Jazz album on the end of the episode, where they present the classic Art Blakey’s Moanin’, of which year? 1958, again, fits perfectly with the time that is ambiented the series, the title track, that is touched by Sentarou on the episode, composed by Bobby Timmons, was an instantaneous classic, and the album’s title changed from “Art Blakey” to “Moanin'” with the success of that single.


The direction was phenomenal, Shinichiro Watanabe SB’d it, while the then newcomer Kotomi Deai was on charge of process his storyboard, the result was a very nice episode, with a interesting use of the camera and the music, as usual of Shinichiro Watanabe.

On the animation, Cindy H. Yamauchi was Sakkan, the episode looked flawless, clearly the Sakkan has exceptional drawing skills, and created a pretty good episode, also, there’s 3 assistants sakkans, but these are less important.


The animation highlight was definitely Hironori Tanaka’s action scene, that isn’t as polished as the rest of the episode, since the Sakkan left it uncorrected, but is really fluid and realistic, it looked like real people fighting, that’s good assort of this anime, that makes the characters move like real people the majority of the time, especially on difficult scenes like that.


Also, both the opening and the ending are some of the best that i’ve watched on all time, by Kazuto Nakazawa and Akemi Hayashi, respectively, these are two masterpiece, gotta do something with these ones someday.

On the anime of the season, meanwhile:



This was a pretty reserved premiere, a lot of good layouts here and there, nothing special. The opening was pretty cool and with a bunch of wallpaper-like images along with a pretty cool theme, the ending was simply beautiful, solo KA’d by newcomer Izumi Murakami, is a joy to watch, looking like something that Shinji Hashimoto or Kenichi Konishi would made, we are present on the birth of a new legendary animator. The second episode is going to be outsourced to DR. MOVIE, meh…

Akiba’s Trip: Funny, but nothing interesting, shut outs to Seong-Ho Park and Tamotsu Ogawa, great job on the episodes.

Onihei: Even if the photography and animation are incredibly bad, the direction, music and the script is enough good to make me watch more of it, even if almost all of the episodes are going to be outsourced, since #1 is outsourced to Dr. Movie and the #3 is confirmed to be outsourced to Dangun Pictures.

Youjo Senki: The effects animation is great, the character designs are incredibly unsettling, everything else is mediocre.

MaiDragon: Really funny, incredible Yoshinori Urata’s work on the episode, incredibly detailed stuff, apparently the animators were observing reptiles and birds to do the animation, is incredible that this level of dedication can be destinated to a simply gag comedy, but, KyoAni.

KonoSuba S2: Really funny, the animation was really funny tho, you can sense that the animators are having real fun making the episode, also, Kazunori Ozawa’s explosions are pretty awesome, he love explosions, and he love to mimic the styles of legendary animators, looking forward to this animator’s future work.

LWA S2: This basically.

Rakugo S2: Pretty excellent beginning, excellent presentation of the themes and fantastic direction, the opening is one of the bests of the season tho.

Also, i started watching Uchoten Kazoku, good layouts and character animation, nothing special in my opinion.




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