Recommended [And No Recommended] Recent Anime – First Half of 2014

One day, tired of hearing youtube videos and forum posts of how anime is dead, how it isn’t the same anymore, Ron come to his house, angry and tired, he opened up the wordpad and started writing a series of recommended anime of the last three years that show that anime isn’t dead, but more alive than ever, and at the same time, a list of anti-recommended anime, just to see.

This post is going to be on chronological order, from Winter 2014 to Fall 2016, every anime that is there, Ron has at least, watched three episodes, even if he hadn’t finished them, but Ron rarely finish anything to begin with, every recommended anime will be accompanied with a Anti-Recommendation, a anime that you shouldn’t watch, never, for any reason.

Winter 2014:


Space Dandy:


This anime is a celebration of the craft, everyone relevant on the industry of TV anime and that is alive, is here, under the belt of the two best creative directors of all time: The young Shingo Natsume and the experienced Shinichiro Watanabe, and one of the major producers of the industry, with extremely prolific connections that expands for all over the industry: Masahiko Minami, is created this fest, and everyone on the industry was invited.

This show was awesome from beginning to end, just a explosion of creativity and love for anime, a love letter to anime, from saying it on a way, explores so much many talents across all the industry [and all the world too] on a very densely packaged on animation and creative directing 26 episodes, 13 during Winter, and then other 13 during Summer, with a extremely lengthy production span to prepare it, the final result is unlike anything else.

Recommended episodes includes Yoshitomo Yonetani x Yoshimichi Kameda’s Dancing Competition, Sayo Yamamoto’s Rock episode, Kiyotaka Oshiyama’s solo episode, Takaaki Wada’s musical episode, Masaaki Yuasa’s amazing episode, All of Shingo Natsume’s episodes, EunYoung Choi’s Beautiful Episode, Hiroshi Shimizu’s first episode, Goro Taniguchi’s space race, Namimi Sanjo’s Zombie invasion, Hiroshi Hamasaki’s episode, etcetera.


Mahou Sensou


If a Space Dandy was celebration of the craft, Mahou Sensou was a bad hangover were the craft was so depressed that attempted a suicide.

Everything on this anime fails on so many levels, the writing is bad, generic and stupid at the unconceivable points, hell, didn’t even the author of the original novel thinks that the story is any good, and is the author, goddamit! The direction is pretty functional, not a lot of creativity here, just long still shots and boring angles, without any effort put on photography and coloring whatsoever and the animation was just awful, they go all the way to reclute Ryouma Ebata, a excellent animator to do the designs, to kill his designs every episode with low-quality drawings and barely average animation that just kills the series at all and become of it a borefest of pretty awesome levels, Yuzo Sato’s series always were conceivable because they had good writing, but his attempt to do something decent with such awful story and such scarce resources ends up just being an awful mess.

Spring 2014:


Mushishi Zoku Shou


This is a beautiful anime, just for beginning to end, it takes you to a magical place, where everything is calm and slow, without the complications that you have on the real world, it’s like a really good drug, that immerse you on its ambient before you ever recognize, and slowly drowning you on a feel of immense calm and peace, every story is a amazing watch, all thanks to Hiroshi Nagahama’s direction, that, by the way, he did almost all the storyboards of this season of Mushishi, which is a impressive effort, and Yoshihiko Umakoshi and his peers animation, recommending Eiji Abiko’s episode 2 above all of them, with some awesome, but very subtle character animation that just adds to the whimsical and magical feeling of this series, go watch it.

Ping Pong: The Animation


Even with the inconsistent schedule and the indeed, shocking visual style, this show is a awesome human drama, you feel every feeling and thought of the characters, Masaaki Yuasa’s attempt to fight the tight schedule and at the same time, maintaing a unified look, is storyboard all of the episodes by himself, everything, from the visual symbolism, to the angles and the layouts is incredibly well done, the characters are incredibly well developed for a 11-episode series and the final result is a genuine, touching, human drama, that scapes of the norm of sports anime, these characters aren’t trophes so you 14-years old jerk can self-insert it, but instead, they are genuine, real, humans, the ones that we definitively need more on anime.

Also, everyone complaining about the visual style, go fuck yourself, with love, Ron ❤


Mekaku City Actors

Remember what i said of Ping Pong? Well, on that, it worked very well, here, it doesn’t work at all.

This is ugliness made on anime, everything there looks extremely ugly and unfinished because the incredibly tight schedule on which the series was made, and the director’s vision sucks very hard, this just tries too hard of being avant-garde and innovative, but, god lord, this looks so fucking ugly, from horribly painful CGI sequences to unfinished coloring, this series has all the issues of a incredible tight schedule, not accompanying very well by a awfully generic story, like, this is Yuki Yase’s try on make a turd onto something interesting, and only converting it on a bigger turd.

Everything that i said is pretty sad cause there’s talented people here, hell, the character designer is the fucking Gen’ichirou Abe, one of SHAFT’s all-time better animators, but the schedule just kills this series.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr


I’m just going to left the second opening of the series here:

If you ears and eyes are still fine, yes, the series is equally unpleasant of watch, don’t watch it, you are going to lost 300 minutes of your life that you can spend watching all of Ping Pong: The Animation and two episodes of Mushishi: Zoku Shou


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