Animator Spotlight: Takahito Sakazume [坂詰嵩仁]

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-Born on January of 1988, Takahito Sakazume is one of the youngest known animators on the industry, being only twenty-nine years old.

-Like a lot of animators on recent years, he is member of the famous webgen movement, a group of animators that got started on a non-conventional way on  anime, they started posting gifs on internet and they after some time got scout by industry people, on the case of Sakazume, he already knew Tatsuya Yoshihara since their were students, being him is senior during that time, and also Yoshihara was the first one to enter on the anime industry, calling Sakazume to participate on his directorial debut, Muromi-San, when Sakazume was only 25 years old, being one of the major players on the Tatsunoko Pro series, where he did KA 4 eps plus the OVA.

-I already mentioned Yoshihara, but the 27-year-old animators Shun Enokido and Ryu Nakayama are also fundamental on Sakazume’s development since they work together often as an animator unit, that i like to call TakaRyuShun, like if it was a megazord or something, maybe i should add Yoshihara and made it TakaRyuTatsuShun.

-After working on Muromi-San, he stayed on Tatsunoko Pro, being called to work on Ryoochimo’s directorial debut Yozakura Quartet, where he worked with the TakaRyuShun team on eps 6, 9 and 13, the second one directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, completing the TakaRyuTatsuShun formation.

-He made his design debut on Tatsuya Yoshihara’s third TV series Monter Musume no Iru Nichijou, where he did Prop Design and participated as Key Animator on an impressive 8 episodios of the series! On this series he also did In-Between Animation for his own scene on the third episode, making it still his most impressive feat on TV anime, showing at the heights of his powers on that series.

-He gained mainstream following since the Fate/Grand Order commercials surged, animated by him and Shun Enokido, an impressive display of flashy and speedy webgen animation spectacle, that impressed even the most skeptical animation purist and the most ignorant of casual anime viewers, being known since then thanks to his Fate/ work, where he is working on right now as Action Director on the new series of the franchise, Fate/Apocrypha, series that already on the first episode animated a impressive 4-minute scene at the very beginning of the episode on team with Shun Enokido.

-His style consist of stilted animation clearly inspired by Tatsuya Yoshihara, fast paced movements and clean smears, with realistic fabric animation and impact frames reminiscent of Yutaka Nakamura’s modern style, making it a impressive combination of his inspirations.

-Tatsuya Yoshihara is directing Black Clover at Pierrot, hoping that he shows up there since i’m probably the biggest Pierrot follower on earth, and i will really happy of him being there to deliver some impressive action cuts on such a mediocre shounen series.