Recent Viewing #2

I’m watching with some friends a terribad 2000-and-something eroge adaptation called Soul Link, most of the story is pretty boring and inconsequential. And nor the direction or to animation are anything to wrote home about, its pretty bland and lifeless, with the pretty bad 2000s Eroge designs that populate those kinds of series, and look both outdated and completely garrish nowadays, and probably did then. Its just an anecdote of 2000s blandness. The most relevant thing that has happened on six episodes has been the characters fucking off camera, Woo?.

I also watched Kamichu!’s premiere a few days ago, its part of the Besame Mucho project, some series and movies directed by Koji Masunari, Scriptwritten by Hideyuki Kurata and produced by Tomonori Ochikoshi. Despite the script having its flaws, the characters are lovable and the animation is impressive, the level of complexity and density of the character animation on this episode is incredible, i’ll credit animators Koji Yabuno and Tetsuya Takeuchi, that did an insane number of cuts to this episode, as well as Sakkan Takahiro Chiba. Too bad that the first and the third are trapped doing SouSakkan work nowadays, Yabuno on Pierrot and Chiba on Pro IG, but, as long they elevate the quality of everything that they work on, i’ll be thankful, i take what i can get, y’know?