The Animation of Hunter x Hunter 1999 – Part Two: DEEN/Nippon Animation Supervisors

Masaaki Kannan [河南 正昭]

His style was pretty much the basic of the series: Regular, rect lines, big, round eyes, big and rect eyebrows and pointy hair, with a little, pointy nose to finish his sample of the characters, the animation of his episodes were mostly functional, not a lot flashy, most concentrated on maintaing solid drawings than on good animation, with basic layouts and very basic, and honestly, soul-less movements and expressions, keeping it on a very safe place.

He also maintained a very solid, although, not stellar, team of DEEN’s animators, studio where he belonged, and still belongs until today, that was brought by Kazuhiro Furuhashi because his participation on Rurouni Kenshin a few years before, ending up on this anime, where he did some important episodes, such as the very first one, he abandoned the production after Zoldyck Family Arc and didn’t appeared once on the Genei Ryodan arc, nor on the OVAs.

Also, he has sometimes some quality animation by members of Studio Mu and Studio Takuranke, that once a while did Key Animation on his episodes, such as Eiji Komatsu.

Key Animators:
Hiromi Oikawa [及川ひろみ]
Emi Sakamoto [ さかもとえみ]
Yoshitaka Sato [佐藤良隆]
Takao Takegami [竹上貴雄]
Toshio Deguchi [出口としお]
Fumino Fujii [藤井文乃]
Masahiro Furihata [降旗昌弘]
Shogo Morishita [森下昇吾]
Kazuhiko Abe [阿部和彦]
Chikara Sakurai [桜井親良]
Sumiko Matsumoto [松本澄子]
Masaru Hyodo [兵渡勝]

Not Regular Key Animators:
Shinobu Tagashira [田頭しのぶ]
Mayumi Oda [小田真弓]
Eiji Komatsu [小松英司]
Akihide Saito [斎藤明英]
Ryo Komori [小森良]
Takuji Abe [あべたくじ]
Mamoru Abiko [安彦守]
Tomoaki Kado [門智昭]
Hitoshi Suzuki [鈴木仁史]
Koji Hirama [平馬浩司]

Episodes that he appeared: #1, #5, #9, #13, #19, #24, #30, #36

Tateru Namikaze [波風 立流]

His style is principally round faces and eyes, pointy noses, big and round eyebrows, the drawings on his episodes are a lot more similar than the ones that you can found on Pokemon that the ones of the series itself, making it a anomaly into the series, a episode that look straight out of Pokemón on the third episode of Hunter x Hunter, the animation on the episode was pretty average, nothing stand out for looking either really good or really bad, except a standout scene that i still don’t know who animated it at the half of the ep, just as average as you can be on this series, also, his staff was pretty much the same as Masaaki Kannan, but with more members of Studio Mu into it.

Episodes that he appeared: #3



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